AntiC-Natural Plant Anticoccidial Feed Additive

Column:AntiC Time:2021-12-14


AnitiC is a natural plant anticoccidial feed additive which was carefully developed by using modern Chinese medicine theory, composed by a variety of natural plant extracts that selected from several medicinal materials and extracted by international advanced plant extraction technology. We have conducted a number of experiments to ensure the product performance reliable and stable on rearing breeding environment and different animals species.

Guaranteed Analysis

Astragali radix extract, Picrasmae ramulus et folium extract, Curcumae longae rhizoma extract, Atractylodis rhizoma extract, etc.

Total polysaccharides≥35%, Total flavonoids≥1.0%, Chlorogenic acid≥0.2%.


Due to the feature of natural plant extracts, if the product moisture absorption caking a bit, do not affect usage effect.

The product can be used in any growth stage of animals, safe and efficient, have no residuum, no drug resistance. 

No drug incompatibility.


The product can substitute for chemical-synthesized coccidiostats.

Inhibiting and killing coccidium efficiently.

Increasing immune function and resistance to disease.

Protecting and repairing animal’s gastrointestinal mucosa efficiently.

Preventing secondary infection and cross-infection efficiently.

The evidence shows a synergy between the product and coccidium vaccine.

Mechanism of Action


Inhibiting and killing coccidium.

Plant bioactive substances such as alkaloids, polyphenols of the product not only can restrain and kill coccidium directly, but also activate and increase specific proteinase,  break down coccidium’s proteins, restrain the growth of coccidium, reduce the discharge rate of chicken coccidian oocysts as well.

Increasing immune function and resistance to disease.

Plant bioactive substances such as immune polysaccharides, alkaloids, flavanones of the product can strengthen animal’s humoral and cellular immunity function, increase vaccine protection rate, disease resistance, improve and repair immunosuppression that caused by chemical-synthesized coccidiostats, inactivate coccidial drug resistance too.


Protecting animal’s gastrointestinal mucosa efficiently.

Plant bioactive substances such as flavanones, polyphenols of the product can inhibit lipid peroxidation reaction, clear free radicals, in order to protect intestinal cells and maintain intestinal structure stable; the product can also destroy pathogenes, lessen intestinal mucosal cells’ lesions caused by the pathogenes, and stimulate damaged gastrointestinal epithelial cells’ proliferation, recover normal functions of animals’ gastrointestinal epithelial, make the vivo environment of animals’ body inhospitable to the survivalof coccidium, thus reducing diarrhea and bloody stools efficiently.


Againsting coccidiosis, accelerating animal growth.


Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage is commonly used to preventing diseases, please increase dosage when chicken infected with coccidiosis.





Shelf Life

24 mouths