AntiS-Plant Extracts Anti-stress Feed Additive

Column:AntiS Time:2021-12-14


AntiS is a new feed additive which was carefully developed by using modern Chinese medicine theory combined with the dynamic changes rules of animal nervous system, endocrine system and immune system under stress conditions. The product is highly efficient and immune-enhanced, composed by a variety of natural plant extracts that selected from several medicinal materials and extracted by international advanced plant extraction technology.


Guaranteed Analysis

Astragali radix extract, Alfalfa extract, Taraxaci herba extract, Glycyrrhizae radix et rhizoma extract, etc, stable vitamin C.

Total polysaccharides≥5%, Total flavonoids≥0.2%, Vitamin C≥15%.



Dynamic Anti-stress: discard traditional sedative-hypnotic drugs, applying plant extracts to different animal growth stages, breeding environments and stress conditions, make animals stay active and keep healthy.

Improving animal’s immune function significantly.

Protecting and repairing animal’s gastrointestinal mucosa efficiently.

Antioxidant efficiently.

Reducing energy loss efficiently.



Reducing the sensitivity of animals to stressors, improving the health status of animals significantly, reducing animal restlessness, fighting, fencing, tail biting, pica, pecking and other abnormal behaviors. 

Relieving the stress reactions caused by physiological changes, poor feed, microbial infection and harsh environment. Alleviating the adverse reactions caused by stress, such as malnutrition, production performance reduction, lower animal product quality and weakened disease resistance.


Stimulating animal’s appetite, improving weight gain, increasing feed conversion rate.

Mechanism of Action


Recommended Dosage


The recommended dosage is commonly used to preventing diseases, please increase dosage according to the actual breeding environment such as at the turn of seasons, or animals under severe stress conditions.





Shelf Life

24 mouths